Peter Nilsson

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Swedish artist Peter Nilsson continuously envisions portraits of nature uniting iconic personalities in the imaginative and picturesque world of the natural landscape, in an unbiased and realistic assessment. With admiration of creation itself, and personal empathy from his own minds-eye, the artist performs in a style through an emotive touch on each subject. Bright, bold colors and sudden splashes enliven the works combine with realistic recollections from memory of both man and nature.

Peter Nilsson's art is mainly about two important facets when it comes to inspiration, differing, yet complementary according to the artist; Town and Countryside are in perfect balance. With a heartfelt foundation as a painter of nature, and inspired by the sublime country landscape, Nilsson creates iconic portraits as if sculpted on canvas from a map of facial features, capturing true personality.

The artist creates detailed studies of contemporary icons in his expressive style: he then focuses on the traits that we associate with the subject individual's personality and physical attributes. It is an illusion of realism, an imaginative reflection of his passion for recording nature and man as nature.