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Alex Rostotsky is a Russian jazz musician, composer, arranger, author of original musical projects united under the name Jazz Bass Theatre (1994) as well as a fine artist of notable originality, whose works adorn museum and private collections in Russia, Europe and Africa. Rostotsky performs solo concerts, conceives and carries out new collaborative projects, the latest one is Songs of Lake Victoria and Russian plains (2014). Rostotsky’s discography is one of the most impressive in Russian jazz, with more than 25 albums released.

Projects of Alex Rostotsky expand the frontiers of traditional jazz: he has never been afraid to experiment, and the boundless breadth of his imagination gives him the fire and freedom to courageously explore the adventurous unknown. Exhibition of original paintings of our gifted artists are surrounded by the enchanting sounds of Rostotsky's music. Work in the innovative ethno-fusion style and the genres inclusive embrace of diverse cultures brings him the greatest satisfaction.

Performing music for more than a quarter of century Rostotsky toured throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, performing with many outstanding musicians such as: Bill Skeet, Ron Affif, Lakshminarayana Subramaniam, Tal Farlow, Paul Bollenback, Billy Cobham, Paco Sery, Linley Marthe, Michael Rabinowitz, Shivamani, Dominique Di Piazza, Alessandro Napolitano, Bob Bray, Tim Armacost, Yury Parfenov, Yakov Okun, Alexander Mashin to name just a few.

Born in Tver, Russia, Alex started studying music at the age of 7 playing the piano. Though he was born in a musical family (his mother was a violinist and music teacher), he disliked music at first. However, that did not prevent him from graduating from Tver musical college, department of coral conducting. In 1976 Rostotsky moved to Moscow entered a jazz school and began playing the electric bass. His classical musical education was useful in jazz, and a shining example of this synthesis is his album Promenade with Mussorgsky (2008). In this project Alex realized his fondest dream to make a jazz transformation of Mussorgsky’s well known masterpiece Pictures at an Exhibition, a repertoire of an imaginary tour of an exhibition of ten drawings and watercolors brought to life. Don’t miss the chance to purchase the paintings in our art gallery online. Visit the gallery site and appreciate the mixture of bewitching music and unique art.



Alex Rostotsky ~ Cultural Fusion

In a creative casting of not only best jazz musicians from all over the world but also artists, designers, actors and masters of animation are involved in projects of Alex Rostotsky. The realization of this collaboration of passionate, visionary work was the birth of the Apocrypha (2016) - the original animation project based on the graphics, visual arts and music of Rostotsky.

For more than a decade the love of visual art has greatly influenced Alex’s music, and the all consuming passion for a new form of artistic expression is realized in his fine art. The incredible focus and the practiced proficiency of daily effort, allows Alex to expresses his singular intellect in visual art. His rich alter ego now expressed in his art thrives symbiotically with his musical persona.

Alex's visual art resonates with the great art historical Russian neo-primitivism genre, but is specific to his particular imprint, a blending of jazz and the glorious cultural infusions of Africa and Asia. Alex, on his African tours was filled with wonder of the cultural expressiveness of it's people, music and art. There was he felt, a natural synergy, a mutual give and take of a creative communion. The influences of Africa found a common thread that wove through and reciprocally blended with, his music as well as his fine art.

With compelling aesthetic and expressive liberty, free of academic conventions, the paintings of Alex Rostotsky represent subconscious, meditative stories with deep associative layering. For over ten years the artist has created his own expressive alphabet, patterning a language of harmony in his profound inventiveness and magical naïve style. A viewer could spend hours in contemplation of his paintings, deciphering and deliberating their true meaning. There is a new and spirited story to be told every time his fantastic birds, fish, flying people, beautiful Indian cows and mysterious feminine faces grace the canvas in emotive delight.

Soul is the essence of Naïve Art. Alex Rostotsky, an intuitive creative, was inborn with the gift of being an artist, possessing the spontaneous desire to create from instinct. Originating with this innate and sincere sophistication, the naïve art genre also expresses joyful spontaneity and complex imagery with origins in the unique cultural amalgam of the artist’s mindful perspective. Alex’s fine art work, a mixture of these very elements, along with music and culture awakens an alluring form of beauty.

The Artist desires that friends from Gallery of Music and Art will find personal inspiration in his captivating works, each a window to an artist sharing his charismatic consciousness.


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