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It is my honor and my pleasure to bring to you this presentation of the GMA 19th Century Masters Collection. It is a tribute to these Artists, and a long and carefully-crafted endeavor; one in which I have worked on for a great deal of time. I embarked on the project some time ago and assembled an expert curatorial team acquiring works through several important Russian & European sources. In our collaboration, we have cultivated these significant and authentic 19th Century Masters works: paintings by Russian, French and Dutch Masters: Neoclassical painter Vasily Schukhaev, the great Russian Realists Krachkovsky and Solomatkin, and the extraordinary Semen Malt (1900-1968), a member of the famed Masters of the New East school (1926-30).

The Collection houses French artist Constant Joseph Brochart (1816-1899), whose figurative compositions echo those of the Belle Époque. Dutch Masters Filarski and Dommersen’s works are also housed in the Collection. This museum-quality Masters Collection is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to acquire some of the world’s most important and venerable pieces of Art. The diverse subjects and styles of the artwork illustrate the progressions of Russian and European paintings that profoundly altered the direction of 19th and 20th Century Art. It is, truly, a celebration of the greatest Artists of these eras. The works housed in this Collection have been described by many in Art Circles as the most prestigious and sought-after of their kind. Any Art Historian, Collector or Artist will validate the impact these Masters had on the Art World.

I trust that you will find this Collection captivating. I acknowledge the tireless and valuable efforts of my Industry peers, Curatorial staff and my treasured and life-long friends for making this Dream Collection a reality.

Artem Nadirashvili
Owner of the Gallery of Music & Art
Las Vegas / Moscow
Collection Premiering at Red Dot/Art Miami 2016

Gallery of Music and Art is proud to present:
A new selection of classic 18th -19th and 20th-century Russian Art

The current exhibition includes original works created between 1870 and 1970.

This historic collection emphasized the works of notable Russian artists such as: Iosif Krachkovsky, Leonid Solomatkin, Vasily Shukhaev and Evgeny Chubarov.

All of these celebrated works are highly desirable, museum-level quality. For more information follow this link: ART OF 18th-20th CENTURIES.

As more works become available to the collection and our new museum-level section will be updated and we invite you to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our new arrivals.

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