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D’jaton was born In December 1976, in Chicago, IL. He started drawing at the age of six, in detail, the images he saw on TV, and at the age of thirteen, D’jaton was in an apprenticeship with acclaimed artist Melvin King, and started painting. That’s when he realized he is a painter, and never looked back. The young man’s talents were immediately recognized and he became prominent young artist throughout his high school career earning him several scholarships to prestigious art programs at many of the top colleges. He has studied and is influenced by artists such as Caravaggio, Rembrandt, and Salvador Dali.

After high school he gave up art and joined corporate America and worked for Footlocker where he quickly excelled as a top performer in the company. After Footlocker, D’jaton gained success as a barber and moved to Springfield, IL. where he ran a successful barber shop. He then decided to pursue a career as a tattoo artist where he quickly gained a large clientele due to his very talented hands. This man has made his way through his life by his God given talent, his imagination, his hands, and his desire to succeed.

D’jaton’s artistic style is a very unique use of layers of unrealistic colors to create realistic pieces with depth and movement in realism. His expression is “in your face” humanity, the brutal truth of nature with his political views and activism through his art.

He has had success as a local artist in Springfield, IL. Where he sold some of his art work, painted murals, and was active in “Third Thursday’s”, While making a living as a tattoo artist. He gained opportunity to travel out of state to promote and market his work in small venues and galleries. He soon realized his talent as an artist needed a bigger audience and more people for his work to speak to- he decided to expand his career and move to Las Vegas to pursue the artist he was born to be. He has created a buzz and a name for himself in Las Vegas. You can find him painting his latest pieces at the local Starbucks and his work is on display at The Gallery of Music and Art in Caesar’s Palace.